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  • Our current trainer credential offerings can be found via the following links:

    We also offer a wide range of online courses for CrossFit trainers, athletes, or enthusiasts.

  • Please check out our Credential FAQs for current information on prerequisites for CrossFit credentials.

    More detailed information is also available via the links below.

  • Please check out our Credential FAQs for current information on CrossFit credential maintenance.

    More detailed information is also available via the links below.

  • Individuals with the CCFT credential may train others using CrossFit methods. The CCFT designation alone cannot be used to apply for CrossFit affiliation, nor does it allow for the use of the CrossFit name for business or promotional purposes. Successful completion of a Level 1 Certificate Course is required to apply for affiliation. CCFTs without a current CF-L2 may not call themselves CF-L3s, nor can they apply for the Performance Evaluation to attain the CF-L4.

  • This is the title or designation that you can use after your name on an email signature, resume, or bio on a website. Designations must be formatted according to one of the two examples shown below for each level.
    Level 1:
    John Smith, CF-L1
    John Smith, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    Level 2:
    John Smith, CF-L2
    John Smith, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
    Level 3:
    John Smith, CF-L3
    John Smith, Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
    Level 4:
    John Smith, CF-L4
    John Smith, Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach
    John Smith, CCFT
    John Smith, Certified CrossFit Trainer

  • Please visit the following sites to find out more about CrossFit trainer credentials.

    You can also check out our Credential FAQs for current information on CrossFit credentials.

  • The minimum required credential to apply for affiliation is the CF-L1. More information on CrossFit affiliation can be found here.

  • Current pricing for the following courses and certifications can be found via the links below:

  • Only those with the CF-L3, CF-L4 and/or CCFT credentials can say they are “certified” trainers (CF-L3, CCFT) or coaches (CF-L4). Refer to question 5 for titles you can use with a Level 1 or Level 2 credential.

    The use of the words “certified” or “certified trainer/coach” in relation to the CF-L1 or CF-L2 is a misrepresentation of the credential and therefore a violation of the CrossFit Trainer License Agreement.

  • The current requirements for for obtaining the Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) credential can be found in the Level 2 Participant Handbook.

  • These credentials are no longer valid and must be updated by taking the current associated courses and tests.

  • The Coaches Prep Course (CPC) was renamed the Level 2 Certificate Course. Anyone with a CPC Trainer Certificate automatically holds a Level 2 Trainer Certificate, and this credential is valid for five years from the date of attendance. These individuals can use the CF-L2 designation and will be recognized as such in the Trainer Directory, as long as the credential is kept current or a higher level credential has not been achieved. A current, valid Level 2 credential (CF-L2) is also a prerequisite for the CF-L3.

  • Individuals who passed the former Level 2 performance test will be granted the CF-L2 credential. To maintain CF-L2 status, they must repeat the course every five years.

    To obtain higher-level credentials, these individuals may apply to take the CCFT examination. Passing the CCFT exam automatically grants those who passed the former Level 2 performance exam the CF-L3 and CF-L4 credentials. To maintain the CF-L4 status, they must meet the same recertification requirements as the CF-L3.

  • The Level 1 is an ANSI-accredited certificate course and the CCFT is an ANSI-accredited certification program.

  • It is our intention to offer our courses, certifications and materials in as many languages as possible. However, there is a thorough process for translating our materials. We are excited by the international growth of CrossFit and appreciate your patience as we work to provide additional language offerings.

    A current list of available languages can be found in the
    Level 1 Participant Handbook or Level 2 Participant Handbook.

    Current information on certifications can be found here.

  • According to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, providing course work, training and education toward the attainment of the knowledge being tested constitutes a curriculum-based “certificate program.” The Level 1 Certificate Course is exactly that. Over the course of two days, CrossFit staff review the conceptual framework of CrossFit methodology and its foundational movements, and participants are then tested on this material. Passing the test demonstrates that the individual learned the material taught at the course.If there is only an assessment (e.g., an exam) of an individual’s current skills or knowledge gained from an entire body of knowledge across a given profession and professional experience, it is a “certification.” This is the proper designation for the CCFT and CrossFit Coach Performance Evaluation. Individuals are tested on their capabilities across the profession of CrossFit training. Although a certification has eligibility requirements, a scope and defined parameters, no single course prepares participants for the exam. Instead, passing the exam demonstrates knowledge across a profession. Anything that is within the stated scope of the certification may be tested. More information regarding certificate programs versus certifications can be found here.