• Since CrossFit.com went up in 2001, equipment has become far easier to find. A host of online retailers cater to our community, and many general fitness stores also have what you need. Athletes in more remote locations might have fewer options, but retailers are working to address growing markets around the world. If retailers don’t ship to your area, send an email asking them to start.

  • In some cases, yes. Before equipment was readily available online, creative CrossFit athletes found ways to build the gear they wanted. You can find all sorts of plans in the Equipment category of the old CrossFit Journal or through Google searches. When building equipment, always put safety first. If you have any doubts about your creation, purchase reliable gear from a trusted retailer.

  • Creative people have found ways to do CrossFit with very little equipment, and you can get very fit by using CrossFit principles to create workouts with the equipment you have. Because CrossFit encourages variation, and because you’re going to get stronger and fitter, you should ensure your arsenal of gear allows you to preserve and increase your fitness. You might need to find a bigger water-filled jug or heavier rock to lift, for example. Be creative. If you’re stumped, contact a credentialed CrossFit Trainer who can help you create a workout plan based on the equipment at your disposal.

  • CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman wrote the definitive article on converting your garage into a world-class strength-and-conditioning facility. Read it here. Read his follow-up article here.