Mission and Overview

The mission of the CrossFit Foundation is to improve health and fitness through EDUCATION, RESEARCH, PHILANTHROPY and ADVOCACY.

The Foundation supports the CrossFit community, and promotes health and fitness globally. It accomplishes these goals through two programs: the CrossFit Community Health Fund and the CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute.

The CrossFit Community Health Fund supports the CrossFit community primarily through:

  1. Small need-based grants in support of health- and fitness-related causes that originate with CrossFit affiliates.
  2. Programmatic and advisory support to nonprofits within the CrossFit community that share the mission of the CrossFit Foundation.

The CrossFit Sports and Health Sciences Institute fulfills its mission by:

  1. Funding and publicizing accurate health science free from the commercial influence of the big food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  2. Supporting education, advocacy and policy interventions in the service of public health.
  3. Promoting non-medical healthcare solutions to the global threat of chronic disease through the CrossFit Physicians Alliance.
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