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In 2010, Diane and Jim opened CrossFit Oyster Point in Newport News, Virginia, to help people improve their life and fitness.

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Researchers in France analyzed potential associations between five factors (demography, public health, economy, politics, and environment) and COVID-19 mortality rates. They found higher GDP and longer life expectancies were associated with greater risk of death from COVID-19 and claim this may be due to the prevalence of chronic disease and sedentarism in these populations. They conclude, “In the COVID-19 case, an advisable strategy may be to increase ... immunity and resilience and prevent sedentary behaviors through higher physical activity and better physical fitness. Hence, political strategies restricting physical activity (e.g., closing sport facilities) may ... (inhibit) the enhancement of population immunity in response to present and future viral aggressors.”

Read The StudyCOVID-19 Mortality: A Matter of Vulnerability Among Nations Facing Limited Margins of Adaptation

5 rounds for time of: Max-calorie row in 60 seconds, then Turkish get-ups (♀ 25 ♂ 50-lb.). Complete a total of 40 reps (or calories) each round. For example, if you row 25 calories, complete 15 Turkish get-ups that round. If you row 30 calories, complete 10 Turkish get-ups that round.

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Paul Knowles and the members of Cohort CrossFit struggled when their gym closed earlier this year. Now they are among the lucky few who have resumed operations and are doing well in their part of New South Wales, Australia. For the many who are still struggling with mandates or staring down the barrel of an impending second closure, Knowles’ story may provide a few ideas and a flicker of hope. Here, he shares some of the things he learned while adapting to the challenges of COVID, and he explains how he remained present for his community and motivated to keep fighting.

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Government actions around the COVID-19 pandemic have devastated local gyms, putting thousands of gyms at risk of closing forever. The Community Gyms Coalition, an alliance of more than 15,000 local fitness facilities, is urging Congress to provide up to $30 billion in direct relief to help local gyms survive and recover. To convince Congress to support this approach, we need your help. Please take five minutes to send an email to your members of Congress to urge them to include direct support for gyms in any upcoming relief legislation.

Email Your CongressmanUrge Congress to Provide COVID Relief to Help Gyms Survive

“We have such a great system in place to build these relationships," CrossFit Seminar Staff member Larry Thomas says of the CrossFit Scholarship Program. Participants are "now starting to see, through the relationships with us, that there’s an opportunity for them to potentially grow,” Thomas says, noting how the program increases awareness of career options, such as coaching and business ownership, by forging personal connections.

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