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“I wanted to go to the Olympics, and boxing was my passion,” Rodney Blackman said. “But I got caught up into the streets, and that derailed that. … Been back and forth in institutions since I was maybe 19 years old. Probably spent like maybe 30 years in incarceration.” While in prison, Blackman rediscovered his passion for fitness. When he got out, he met Wylie Belasik, the founder of ULiftU and owner of CrossFit Center City, and got a second chance.

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“I was on Wellbutrin for anxiety. I was on cholesterol medication … . I wasn’t getting any advice to work out. It was just, ‘Here’s another medicine,’” Bob Soulliere recalls. “The gift was that I got laid off.” With his newfound free time, Soulliere started taking CrossFit classes. “When I walked into CrossFit, no question, stress was managing me, and now I manage stress,” he says.

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