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The CrossFit stimulus—constantly varied high-intensity functional movement coupled with meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar—prepares you for the demands of a healthy, functional, independent life and provides a hedge against chronic disease and incapacity. This stimulus is elegant in the mathematical sense of being marked by simplicity and efficacy. The proven elements of this broad, general, and inclusive fitness, in terms of both movement and nutrition, are what we term our CrossFit Essentials.

The lungs are less like balloons and more like giant warm marshmallows. They contain 1,000 miles of air-conducting tubes. The surface area of the tiny air sacs that make up the lungs is roughly the size of a tennis court. Here, Lon Kilgore, Ph.D., describes the anatomy of the lungs and explains how the respiratory system works to move oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream.

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In 2010, Diane and Jim opened CrossFit Oyster Point in Newport News, Virginia, to help people improve their life and fitness.

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5 rounds for time of: Max-calorie row in 60 seconds, then Turkish get-ups (♀ 25 ♂ 50-lb.). Complete a total of 40 reps (or calories) each round. For example, if you row 25 calories, complete 15 Turkish get-ups that round. If you row 30 calories, complete 10 Turkish get-ups that round.

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Paul Knowles and the members of Cohort CrossFit struggled when their gym closed earlier this year. Now they are among the lucky few who have resumed operations and are doing well in their part of New South Wales, Australia. For the many who are still struggling with mandates or staring down the barrel of an impending second closure, Knowles’ story may provide a few ideas and a flicker of hope. Here, he shares some of the things he learned while adapting to the challenges of COVID, and he explains how he remained present for his community and motivated to keep fighting.

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