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The CrossFit stimulus—constantly varied high-intensity functional movement coupled with meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar—prepares you for the demands of a healthy, functional, independent life and provides a hedge against chronic disease and incapacity. This stimulus is elegant in the mathematical sense of being marked by simplicity and efficacy. The proven elements of this broad, general, and inclusive fitness, in terms of both movement and nutrition, are what we term our CrossFit Essentials.

The CrossFit Community: More Than the Sum of Its Parts

In the final installment in her six-part series on the formula for the magic of CrossFit, Nicole Carroll explains how the CrossFit methodology organically shaped an ethos and formed a community that transcends the walls of the gym. "We never set out to create a community," Carroll writes. "Just like we didn’t devise our values or methods in a boardroom, that fierce sense of community and loyalty developed naturally. ... Someone might come to CrossFit because they want to try it, because they want a good workout, because they want to improve their health in some way. They aren’t necessarily looking to challenge themselves beyond their limits. But they show up, they put in the work, and the community — this human spark — keeps them coming back. In time, that community becomes something more than a bunch of good people sweating it out together. It becomes a lifeline."

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The Coach: CrossFit’s Force Multiplier


When CrossFit arrived on the scene, commercial gyms were retail spaces filled with shiny machines. Physical training had been dumbed down to non-functional, often isolation-machine movements devoid of any skill requirement. Trainers were on hand to pass out towels and upsell memberships. They definitely weren’t needed to coach the movements their clients were doing, and they did not have the skills to teach effective ones. We changed all that.

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The CrossFit Ethos


The CrossFit ethos can be best understood by examining CrossFit’s prescription and the values that have very naturally developed out of it — values that have come to characterize CrossFit and the CrossFit community. These values include things like results, personal responsibility and accountability, belonging, humility, camaraderie, service, integrity and excellence, work ethic and discipline, resilience and grit, humility, and virtuosity.

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Who We Are: The CrossFit Ethos

The CrossFit Ethos was born out of what we do and how we do it. We say: You just have to show up and do the work and you’ll get the results. This rewards and develops work ethic and discipline. Your effort is measurable and you’re going to share your results with us, and with each other, with visible scores on the whiteboard. This fosters accountability and courage. And because it’s infinitely scalable — that is we scale to meet you where you are but we do not change programs — everyone knows the challenge you faced and you're respected and welcomed for your effort no matter who you are or where you land on the scoreboard. These are key ingredients that build genuine camaraderie and belonging.

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Auburn CrossFit Through a New Member’s Eyes


“What we practice at CrossFit is hard choices, and the result is we get a better life,” Auburn CrossFit member Dane Sanders says. It’s a practice that does not discriminate. Athletic or deconditioned, young or old, if you put in the work, you’ll get results — and you’ll be supported every step of the way. "Everyone welcomed me,” says 93-year-old Annie Holmes, who joined the affiliate at 89. “It makes you want to stay — and I did.”

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