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To be “CrossFit” is to possess a general physical capacity that lends itself generally well to any and all contingencies: to the likely, to the unlikely, to the known, to the unknown. The fitness of the CrossFit athlete provides a solid foundation from which to take on any sport or any task. CrossFit Sport highlights the feats of everyday athletes applying this general physical capacity to the demands of their individual lives and chosen sports, along with the CrossFit Games, the world’s premier test of broad and general fitness, and its qualifying events.

Highlights From the 2023 CrossFit Open


“You are part of the community that embraces challenge and celebrates effort.” — Competition Director Adrian Bozman. For rising to the occasion, putting yourself out there, showing up for yourself and others, celebrating all abilities and fitness levels, and putting your best foot forward with your community — thank you for another memorable CrossFit Open season. Enjoy these highlights from the 2023 Open. We hope you took the time to celebrate!

Watch Highlights From the 2023 CrossFit Open

Podcast: Why the CrossFit Open Is Special — With CEO Don Faul and Adrian Bozman

“What makes (the Open) worth it is all the things we’ve been talking about so far — the camaraderie, the fact that anybody can do it. What a confidence boost to take anybody who’s not athletic, isn’t particularly health-conscious, and over the course of time they can enter into something like this and see success, whatever that looks like to them. Maybe it’s just the fact that they did it … and that’s worth far more than any combination of movements that’s gonna come out of the Hopper.” — Adrian Bozman

Listen Podcast: Why the CrossFit Open Is Special — With CEO Don Faul and Adrian Bozman

Fittest on Earth: Next Gen — Documentary Now Available

When Fraser declared he would retire from competition after the 2020 season, he opened the door to a new wave of challengers. In 2021, new and seasoned competitors marked the 15th year of the Games with 15 events designed to test the limits of human potential and their worthiness to be called the fittest. Amid the surprises, upsets, and staggering displays of incomparable athleticism, Toomey ticked on with consistency and calm like a clock in a thunderstorm, all while shattering records and securing her place as the most unbeatable athlete in CrossFit Games history. At the 2021 Games, we witnessed the return of some of the sport’s greats and the rise of the new initiates — those who will carry the mantle of the Fittest on Earth for the next generation.

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2022 Last-Chance Qualifier Workouts Released

The Last-Chance Qualifier gives athletes who narrowly missed a spot at the Semifinals one more chance to make it to this year's CrossFit Games in Madison. Athletes will have from Wednesday through Friday to complete the 4 workouts. At the close of competition, the top two men and top two women will receive a ticket to the Games. The LCQ workouts are designed to separate the very, very good from the best, but don't be surprised to see renditions of them as Workouts of the Day this week.

View The Workouts2022 Last-Chance Qualifier Workouts Released