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Where can I find more media?

Visit the CrossFit Journal for thousands of articles and videos.

Are instruction videos archived or stored anywhere on the site besides with the daily workouts?


Yes. They are on the Exercises & Demos page.


Where can I find the previous iteration of the CrossFit Journal?

Click here for content published from April 2002 to December 2016. Some of this content has been updated and republished on the mobile-friendly new CrossFit Journal site.

Does CrossFit have a YouTube channel?

Yes. Click here.

Where can I find CrossFit Games media?

Visit the CrossFit Games page.

Can I host CrossFit Media on my site?

No. You are very welcome to link to our content and repost it widely, but you cannot host it yourself.

Can I use CrossFit's photos on my site/T-shirt/poster/etc.?

No. CrossFit’s photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

How can I send in videos and photos?

If you think you have a good video, please contact

To have one of your photos considered for publication on any of our websites, please submit via