From the beginning, the CrossFit movement has provided an alternative to the prevailing commercial gym establishment and its signature “big box” approach to fitness. CrossFit affiliation is a grassroots movement started by CrossFit athletes who wanted their own local gyms, trainers, and communities. It has become a call to all who care about fitness to get the car out of the garage, pick up some dumbbells, a barbell, a few plates, a pull-up bar, and some rings, and hit the Workout of the Day. Inviting a friend to participate compounds the experience. Before long, you’ll need a bigger space.

Our affiliates are located all over the world and constitute a community of legitimate fitness practitioners united around constantly varied, intense, functional exercise, and pooling reliable resources under the CrossFit name.

For more than two decades, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands become healthier, fitter, stronger, and better through CrossFit. It changed the face of fitness and will continue to change lives as our affiliate community grows.


The world's leading platform for health, happiness, and performance.™

Why Become a CrossFit Affiliate?

First ask yourself, “Why do I want to open a CrossFit affiliate?” We are purpose-driven, fueled by the passion to make our community a better place through health, happiness, and performance. If you want to make an impact on your community, make a positive difference in people’s lives, become part of a global network of CrossFit affiliate owners, and build your life around that vision, we recommend you learn more about how to make this a reality.

We’re here for you every step of the way. We have an unparalleled network of people, products, and services designed to support the affiliate community. From business best practices to coaching expertise, we’ve got you covered. With our vast network of affiliates worldwide and our network of field support professionals, we are dedicated to supporting you in your journey as much as you need.



Benefits of Affiliation

What You Get

CrossFit affiliation allows you to legally use the CrossFit trademark, and offer CrossFit training at a physical location. Your gym can easily participate in CrossFit events, and we’ll help you market your gym by placing it on our Affiliate Finder Map and affiliate list, where thousands of people go to find CrossFit gyms in their area.

You’ll also receive support from CrossFit Home Office on issues such as financial plans, location or website requirements, or any other specific and general questions. We are dedicated to vigorously protecting the CrossFit brand and those licensed to use the CrossFit name.


Tools Over Rules

In addition to using our trademark, affiliation also comes with the ability to participate in CrossFit Affiliate Roundtables (ART), access to the CrossFit Affiliate Playbook and CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN), and the option to subscribe to CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP).

CrossFit Affiliate Roundtables are small group, moderator-led forums designed to develop relationships, share best practices, and have meaningful conversations in a safe and private environment. Roundtables give you the chance to connect with other affiliate owners, ask questions, and get feedback from peers and colleagues who understand your experience like only another affiliate owner can. Opt in via the Affiliate Toolkit.

The Playbook provides foundational processes and principles of affiliate ownership. This resource unpacks the business side of an affiliate. This compendium ranges from staff development and operational efficiency, to marketing and financials. The Playbook is included in the affiliate fee and available to all affiliate owners in good standing. 

The Affiliate Partner Network provides affiliate owners with special offers and discounts that can only be accessed as a CrossFit affiliate. The goal is to reduce the operating costs of an affiliate and provide gym owners with additional revenue-sharing partnerships. The APN recently launched and will continue to grow in both number of partners and offerings. 

CAP is a class planning and programming service that helps affiliates save time, improve the member experience, and bolster coaches’ professional development, and is designed by three of CrossFit’s most experienced Seminar Staff.

We’re adding value to affiliation all the time. Affiliate with us for access to these growing offerings!


How To Affiliate

Once you’ve obtained a Level 1 Certificate (or higher), you are eligible to apply for affiliation. If your application and name are approved, you’ll be required to submit insurance (U.S. only), make a payment, and sign the Affiliate License Agreement to become part of the growing community of CrossFit affiliates.

Trainer Certificate

Once you’ve obtained a Level 1 Certificate (or higher), you are eligible to apply for affiliation.


The application is a series of essay questions to get to know you and why you want to open an affiliate.


Submit your address for approval.


U.S. applicants must provide proof of insurance. This is required to maintain affiliation.

Affiliate Agreement & Fees

E-sign the annual Affiliate License Agreement and set up monthly or yearly online payments.


Congratulations! You're an official CrossFit affiliate.

The application is a series of essay questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but we want to get to know you and why you want to run an affiliate. Fill out all questions thoroughly and submit online. Once the application has been submitted, it will take about two to four weeks to hear back from our onboarding team. From there, you’ll get detailed instructions on next steps. You can see more details about that here.



Affiliation Requirements

Before you’ve applied for affiliation, keep in mind there are a few more requirements we ask of you. You can read more about them in detail here, but here’s a quick checklist of requirements you’ll need to meet before the process is complete.

  • Obtain a Level 1 Certificate: Find a seminar near you. A Level 1 Certificate is valid for five years. To keep your affiliation status, you must maintain your Level 1 or attend a Level 2 Certificate Course. Read more about our course levels here
  • Application: Essay must be approved. This could take anywhere from two to six weeks.
  • Name: Your affiliate name must be approved before you do anything else.
  • Location: We will ensure the location is within our guidelines.
  • Insurance: All U.S. affiliates are required to have insurance. While we don’t require insurance outside of the U.S., it is recommended.

After your insurance has been reviewed and approved, you’re almost there. You’ll receive a link to pay the affiliate fee. Once signed, you’ll receive a link to pay. There are many ways to pay, depending on the subsidiary you fall under. After CrossFit has received your payment, your license agreement will be sent to the email you applied with and will require an e-signature. Then you’re free to start advertising and marketing your new affiliate! This includes a website, which we do require for all CrossFit affiliates. Requirements can be found here.



Next Steps

After you attend your Level 1 Seminar, you’ll be asked if affiliation is something you’re interested in. If the answer is “yes,” you’ll be contacted by a CrossFit staff member who can give you more information, answer questions, and provide support as you decide if CrossFit affiliation is for you.

Another informal step is to educate yourself and become part of the community. This can happen in many ways. Do the workouts and post your results to the comments on CrossFit.com, read the CrossFit Journal, go to as many seminars as you can, check out our online courses and resources, and make friends with and visit other affiliates. 

Rest assured, you’re not on your own throughout this process. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Your U.S. Field Rep or Country Manager is ready to chat with you if you have questions or need any additional information, and you can email the Affiliate Support Team any time along the way.




Send an email to affiliatesupport@crossfit.com or reach out to the CrossFit Field Leader closest to you.


The world's leading platform for health, happiness, and performance.™