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Thursday 181115


5 2-minute rounds of:
15-cal. row
Max strict weighted toes-to-bars
Rest 2 minutes

Men use 8-lb. ball for T2B
Women use 4-lb. ball for T2B

Scroll for scaling options.
Post total number of toes-to-bars completed to comments.

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Toes-to-Bar Progression

In this interval workout, you have to use a hip-opening movement to earn time to perform a hip-closing movement. A moderate amount of rest is provided, allowing you to push hard in each round. Select a number of calories that will allow you about 60-75 seconds on the bar, and select a toes-to-bar variation that will allow you to perform at least 8-10 reps per interval.

Intermediate Option
5 2-minute rounds of:
12-cal. row
Max strict toes-to-bars
Rest 2 minutes

Beginner Option
5 2-minute rounds of:
10-cal. row
Max strict hanging knee raises
Rest 2 minutes

Dennis Marshall of CrossFit Garden City