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Tuesday 100629


Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters

The barbells must be turned around the cone.

Laurie Galassi 17:34 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Pat Barber 18:22, Rob Orlando 18:23 (with 20lb vest), Rebecca Voigt 23:39 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs), Elyse Umeda 24:07 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Kristan Clever 26:26 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs). Post time to comments.

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"Man must be arched and buttressed from within, else the temple will crumble to dust."
- Marcus Aurelius Antoninius

Dr. Peter Markel, CrossFit Santa Cruz