workout of the day

Sunday 030525


Clean & Jerk 15-12-9 reps.

Pick load for Clean & Jerk and keep it for all three sets.

Divide C&J weight in pounds by number of seconds to completion for final score.

Post score in comments.

Workout Image for 20030525

Our CrossFit North brothers, Dave Warner and Nick Nibler made a pilgrimage to Santa Cruz and we rehearsed what is to become “The CrossFit Challenge” – three rounds of 400 meter run, 1.5 pood Kettlebell or 50 pound dumbbell swing 21 reps, and 12 pull-ups.

In our test run Greg Amundson completed all three rounds in 9:05. We don’t expect that number to hold for long. Let us know how you fare at this “CrossFit Challenge.”

For female competitors the Kettlebell or dumbbell swing will be performed with a one-pood kettlebell or a 30-pound dumbbell. The women will also be allowed a ten-foot section of Theraband to assist the pull-ups.