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Wednesday 030507


Deadlift 3-3-1-1-1-1-1

Go slow and heavy!

The late Dr. Robert Atkins was the Louis Pasteur of our times. If you’ll remember from science history Pasteur was ridiculed and vilified by the media and medical community for maintaining that disease was caused by microorganisms that lived all around us. Dr. Atkins suffered similar condemnation for revealing that carbohydrate not dietary fat was the culprit in heart disease.

The medical community is rapidly coming around to Atkins’ position and highly acclaimed science writer Gary Taubes brought the world’s attention to this shift in a piece in a July 8th, 2002 article in the New York Times Magazine entitled “What if It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?” This article had an enormous impact on the public’s awareness of the medical community’s emerging acceptance of Atkins’ position.

Reason Magazine published a poorly researched and strongly biased criticism of Taubes’ work by Michael Fumento in March entitled “Big Fat Fake.” Longtime fans of Reason Magazine, the CrossFit staff were sorely disappointed by Mr. Fumento’s piece. Michael Fumento, otherwise, a first rate journalist, has published several articles and a book on nutrition that reveal his ignorance on the subject.

Reason recently published a rebuttal by Gary Taubes to Michael Fumento’s criticisms on Reason’s website that hit the mark. Following Taubes' rebuttal is a reply by Fumento.

The picture above is of an Olympic Bar from Bigger Faster Stronger ($189) and Gymnastics Still Rings and Straps from Norbert’s Athletic Products ($135). The versatility and utility of both pieces make them both absolutely indispensable to the CrossFit program, yet the rings are largely unfamiliar to even the hardcore workout public. We couldn’t forge the athletic prowess that we have without the rings.

Here is a video clip of Loyd Lewis doing a “backward roll to a support.” Learn then practice this move – we’ll give you several weeks to play with it and get rings if you haven’t yet before it is included in these workouts.