workout of the day

Sunday 020224


Three to five rounds of:
65 pound Powerclean, 20 reps
400 meter Run
65 pound Powerclean, 20 reps

1."Sandbag" the first and try to improve the time
on each of two to four subsequent rounds. Not easy.
2. Ladies, children, and neophytes: 65 pounds is a
fit-man's load for this workout. Reduce the weight
if all twenty reps cannot be performed rapidly,
consistently, and with fluidity.

"Any time you try to win everything, you must be willing to lose everything."
- Larry Csonka

Check out "Torson" from the official Salt Lake City 2002 website.
Spend time in the hip - front and back - deep and superficially.
Understanding the hip is the starting point for understanding all of human kinetics.