workout of the day

Saturday 020223


Can you perform this sequence every minute on the minute for thirty minutes?

Straight arm, straight body, straight leg pull to inverted hang on pull-up bar.
Lower to normal hang and perform 1 pull-up.
Lower to hang and pull knees to elbows.
Drop and perform 7 squats.
Drop to floor and perform three push-ups.


  1. Count total circuits completed within thirty minutes.
  2. Straight-straight-straight pull to inverted hang is tough curl up enough
    to more readily pull to inverted hang then extend the body and lower back
    to normal hang "straightened out."
  3. Incidentally, this is a whole body workout of immense practicality.

"You have no control over what the other guy does.
You only have control over what you do."
- AJ Kitt

Let's look at Dr. Ravnskov's "Cholesterol Myths" one myth at a time. Today, Myth #1: Dr. Ravnskov is a world renowned authority on
the causes of coronary heart disease. Many, if not most, athletes aren't currently
concerned about coronary heart disease, but the best time to give thought to the
matter is long before becoming symptomatic