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August 11, 2019

Workout of the Day

10 rounds for reps of:

30 seconds of burpees
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of dumbbell thrusters
Rest 30 seconds

♀ 30-lb. dumbbells
♂ 45-lb. dumbbells

Post reps completed to comments.

The Burpee


This 2019 mouse study demonstrated strength training can meaningfully reverse the negative metabolic impacts of obesity on liver fat and glycemic control. Significantly, strength-trained mice did not decrease overall body weight or adiposity compared to obese sedentary mice. This indicates the metabolic improvements noted above occurred independent of any overall change in weight. This is a critical finding, as previous studies testing the effect of exercise on hepatic fat content and insulin sensitivity have induced weight loss and thus were unable to determine whether exercise reduces liver fat content independently or only as a consequence of whole-body fat loss.

Read MoreShort-Term Strength Training Reduces Gluconeogenesis and NAFLD In Obese Mice

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