workout of the day

Thursday 030515


Five rounds of:

Clean 105X21
15 Handstand Push-ups

Submit time to comments. Use manual assistance/spotting for handstand push-up where needed.

This workout is perfectly suited for team workouts especially for those at less than advanced fitness levels.

In this photo Dave Leyes (L) and Greg Amundson (R) are assisting Scott McPeak with his handstand push-ups by a gentle tug up on the traps.

It is important to note that Dave and Greg are both maintaining effective posture during the assist by keeping their backs arched and chests up with their heels down in the posture learned for deadlifts, squats, and most of weightlifting. This posture is mechanically advantageous, safe, and very stable. Developing this posture until it becomes instinctive is an essential component of CrossFit programming.