workout of the day

Tuesday 030513


Complete 5 rounds of:

Row 1,000 meters
Rest 3:00 minutes

Add times for all 5 rowing efforts and post total to comments.

It’s no secret that indoor rowing and the Concept II Rower have played a significant part in our athletes’ successes.

Why indoor row? Why the Concept II Rower?

  1. Rowing is a perfect compliment to running, swimming, and cycling.
  2. Like swimming, rowing is a total body exercise. Rowing does for the upper and lower body what cycling and running do for the legs alone.
  3. Rowing offers high intensity low impact metabolic conditioning with good crossover for sports conditioning.
  4. The Concept II Rower’s monitor is fantastic in its near perfect flexibility and utility.
  5. Concept II Rowers’ “e-Row” software allows for online regattas and rower-to-rower competitions.
  6. The Concept II Rower is inexpensive costing a third of the cost of top grade stair climbers and treadmills.
  7. The Concept II Rower is easy to maintain. The Concept II rowers are bombproof and nearly maintenance free.
  8. The Concept II website publishes rowing times allowing for large pool, international, comparisons and competitions by age, gender, and weight.
  9. Indoor rowing is available in all weather and integrates beautifully and conveniently to mixed modal (weightlifting, gymnastics, “cardio”) workouts year round.
  10. Performance measure is accurate and precise.
  11. Rower stores in corner with small footprint.

Dr. Stephen Seiler and Rowing Service are excellent sources for rowing information.