workout of the day

Wednesday 010801


30 Strict Push-ups
15 Back Extensions
25 Push-ups feet elevated 1 foot from floor.
12 Back Extensions
20 Push-ups feet raised 2 feet from floor
9 Back Extensions
15 Push-ups feet raised 3 feet from floor
6 Back Extensions
10 Push-ups feet raised 4 feet from floor

1. Strict push-ups allow for no sag in the body.
2. Don't swing the Glute-ham raise. Move slowly and deliberately.

“A magazine cannot generate a lot of revenue by calling for brutally
intense work on well known, easily done basic movements, not month
after month, so they scratch and search for “breakthroughs”, selling
the lifting public on the idea that there will always be a better way to
become bigger and stronger.”
Dr. Ken Leistner

Here the venerable Dr. Squat combines the“ Zone” and“Anabolic Diet”
producing the “Zig-zag diet”!