workout of the day

Saturday 010217


Rope climb and do push-ups non-stop for 30 minutes.
The objective here is to climb and push until you can do neither.
Thoroughly exhaust both functions within 30 minutes.
Report the details of the experience both today and the effects tomorrow.

Count the number of trips up the rope (the CrossFit rope is a 13' "shorty")
and the number of push-ups within the half hour. Remember the CrossFit
push-up is a very rigid body, deep, controlled movement.
No cheating on the push-up!!

Find a swimming hole/pool and pound out 15 fast laps!!

Rope climb is functional and arguably the ultimate pulling movement
and yet the exercise is nearly extinct except for police and military training.

Today's link takes us back to Clarence Bass' site for a primer on soreness.
Remember, though Mr. Bass' site is very good his emphasis is body building
and not athletic performance.