Bridging the Gap in Brazil

ByCrossFit August 27, 2022
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Rodrigo Jasbick, M.D., a cardiologist and CF-MDL1 in Brazil, and Mike Giardina discuss the need to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare. He describes what doctors do as “sick care,” essentially treating the symptoms of an already-established illness, and what takes place in the affiliate as “health care,” which is improving lifestyle to create a buffer against sickness.

Dr. Jasbick describes the challenges he has faced and overcome while practicing medicine in his country. As a cardiologist, he cannot prescribe exercise and nutrition, but he feels that education is the key to success. Though Dr. Jasbick cannot prescribe exercise and nutrition to his patients, he can educate them and point them in the right direction for health: the CrossFit affiliate. He emphasizes educating his colleagues on the efficacy of CrossFit for improving health outcomes. He has set up webinars and roundtable discussions to educate CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners on the needs of his patients and how CrossFit affiliates can be the lifeboats of health.