More Fitter, Less Deader: How Multi-domain Exercise Improves Longevity and Cognitive Function

ByTommy Wood, M.D., Ph.D.April 25, 2022
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Exercise is broadly known to support health and longevity, but the specific mechanisms by which exercise helps us live longer are not widely understood. Dr. Tommy Wood will review the specific capacities of aerobic fitness and strength — and their combination — to improve health and longevity and reduce the risk of specific maladies such as neurodegeneration. Dr. Wood will provide practitioners with a more informed understanding of how to apply exercise most effectively to improve specific and general health outcomes in patients and athletes.

How important is it to establish healthy behaviors when trying to improve overall well-being? What tools are at our disposal when trying to develop better habits? Speakers in the session focused on behavior change at the 2022 CrossFit Health Virtual Conference explored how to establish, reinforce, and build on healthy behavioral patterns. Using their expertise in science and medicine, the experts then outlined the role CrossFit and elements of the CrossFit prescription — diet, exercise, and community — can play in transforming the lives of athletes through healthy habits.

Viewers may watch the sessions to learn more about the extraordinary degree to which our health outcomes — good and bad — are dependent on these habits. Providers, coaches, patients, and athletes will find in this session both theoretical and practical guidance to promote proactive behavioral change.