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Dr. Shveta Raju on CrossFit Training for Obese Patients

ByCrossFit November 7, 2022
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Dr. Shveta Raju (M.D., M.B.A.) is a board-certified primary-care physician of internal medicine — and a CrossFit athlete since 2018. For years, she’d watched members of her family develop the onsets of metabolic disease as they aged. But after becoming a member of Mad Mare CrossFit four years ago and completing CrossFit’s Medical Doctor Level 1 Course (now the Level 1 Certificate Course for Healthcare Professionals) in 2020, Dr. Raju found the answer to preventing such decline: CrossFit.

Thanks to her experiences in the CrossFit affiliate and at the Level 1, Dr. Raju says she feels more confident advising her patients about physical activity, and she has since shifted the focus of her practice to emphasize the power of lifestyle choices — such as CrossFit training — to positively influence health and aging.

Dr. Raju completed her M.D. at Emory University and M.B.A. at Goizueta Business School prior to her internal medicine residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital through Harvard Medical School. In addition to her clinical practice, she teaches medical students from the Medical College of Georgia in their fourth-year internal medicine clerkships.