CrossFit | Teaching Technique in Philly, Part 6: Refinement

Teaching Technique in Philly, Part 6: Refinement

ByCrossFitSeptember 17, 2021

At the Scholarship Level 1 Certificate Course held at CrossFit South Philly in March 2021, attendees spent two days learning the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit — “a real set of skills,” Seminar Staff Flowmaster Chuck Carswell says.

The course, held in partnership with Steve’s Club and the Green Beret Project, was sponsored by The CrossFit Scholarship Program, which seeks to spark meaningful healthcare changes in underrepresented and underserved communities by providing free access to the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course

As Carswell’s lecture on technique comes to a close, he describes the end goal: 

“You should be able, over time … to speed up your repetitions and/or potentially add additional load,” he says. “There is no set requirement on how long that should take, but as a coach or as an athlete, you should look to the low trajectory toward the distant horizon. Increase slowly over time and don’t violate that charter, and you’ll be coaching and having good success for a long time.”


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