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The CrossFit Coach: Scott Panchik

ByCrossFit April 17, 2023

Nine-time CrossFit Games athlete Scott Panchik may be known best for his prowess on the competition floor, but the 35-year-old says he’s an even better coach than he is a CrossFit athlete. 

“I’ve always seen myself as an affiliate owner that is an athlete and not an athlete that is an affiliate owner,” Panchik says. 

Owner of 10-year affiliate CrossFit Mentality in Mentor, Ohio, Panchik, a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, dedicates his days to caring for his wife and two daughters, and helping his members become better versions of themselves. Living a life of service is something Panchik thrives on.

“This community is a big part of my life,” he says. “It’s a big part of my family, and something I will spend the rest of my life serving.”

As a coach, Panchik’s presence and attitude radiate inside the walls of his affiliate, and he says trust, accountability, and care are three marks of a great coach

“That’s why people keep coming back — because he cares so much about everybody in this gym,” says Panchik’s wife, Christin. “It’s a ripple effect. The rest of the coaches in here — we see how much he cares and we want to care that much. And then our members see how much our coaches care and then they start caring about each other that much. It’s the best fire you could ask for.”

He’s seen loads of success in his athletic career but the wins he gets from coaching his members is second to none, Panchik says. 

“I love being in front of our community,” he says. “I love having the opportunity to serve others and to teach them all the things that I’ve learned on my journey so that they can be successful in life.”