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October 02, 2019

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Workout of the Day

3 rounds at any pace of:

Max pull-ups
Max-rep bench press (♀ 95 / ♂ 135 lb. )
Max squats in 60 seconds

Post reps to comments. | Compare to 031117.

Common Faults: Air Squat

Squat Faults

These are some of the most common faults to look for as you practice and train the air squat. An athlete should be able to perform a squat without any of these faults before adding weight to the movement.

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All our athletes begin squatting with the “air squat,” that is, without any weight other than body weight. As a matter of terminology, when we refer to the “squat,” we are talking about an unladen, bodyweight-only squat. When we wish to refer to a weighted squat, we use the specific terms “front squat,” “back squat,” or “overhead squat.” Training any of these weighted squats before mastering the weightless variant compromises both the safety and efficacy of the training process and the athlete’s potential.

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