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Tuesday 180227


For time:
Row 2,000 meters
100 wall-ball shots
20 muscle-ups

Men: 20-lb. ball
Women: 14-lb. ball

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CrossFit WOD 180227 Tips With Rory McKernan
The Wall Ball
The Muscle-Up
• Read: The Muscle-Up

Choose modifications that allow you to complete each exercise with little rest. There is a high volume of each movement. Scale back each portion so you can keep moving, even as fatigue sets in.

Intermediate Option
For time:
Row 2,000 meters
75 wall-ball shots
10 muscle-ups

Men: 14-lb. ball
Women: 10-lb. ball

Beginner Option
For time:
Row 1,500 meters
50 wall-ball shots
20 ring rows

Men: 10-lb. ball
Women: 6-lb. ball

Nathan Dunn of CrossFit Lynden