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Friday 080711


Rest Day

"Another item I want to touch on pertains to a cover story in a recent
Navy Times on Crossfit, "the new fitness craze." This is a commercial
off the shelf (COTS) program and is not tailored to an individual.
Several SMEs in the sports medicine field (military & civilian) have
addressed a concern that the program has the potential for causing an
increased incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and even muscle
breakdown (rhabdomyoloysis) and therefore is not supported by CPPD.
Granted, anyone can develop a program that's very intense but there's a
safer way of doing this for our Sailors. Additionally, any program that
names exercises after women is contrary to our Core Values."

  • Captain Jon Picker, USN, Commanding Officer, Center for Personal and Professional Development, in the July issue of ENCOMPASS.

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