workout of the day

Thursday 030717


How many muscle-ups can you do in thirty minutes?

Take dip to lockout! Post reps to comments.

A CrossFit "Forging Elite Fitness" t-shirt will be awarded for the most consecutive muscle-ups in each of three divisions: open class, women, and Clydesdales (200 + lbs.).

This breaks the three-way tie (Brad H, Robb. W, and Loyd L.) from the CrossFit Journal muscle-up contest! If you still don’t have rings check this out and do as many pull-ups and dips as you can in as few sets as possible in thirty minutes. Don’t let a lack of rings limit your fitness.

The one arm barbell deadlift gives great opportunity to train midline stabilization and control. Work slowly and diligently to keep the load from distorting your posture – do not tilt towards the load.

Great grip practice! Keep the bar level. Both ends of the bar should leave and find the ground simultaneously. (Practice your hook grip.)