workout of the day

Sunday 030511


For time:

50 Back/hip extensions
10 Rope climbs in “L”
50 Back/hips extensions

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Garvin Smith may have been the best rope climber ever. Here is an opportunity to check out his technique.

We got our rope from AAI but evidently paid way too much. Many have found cheaper, simpler alternatives including tying a length of 1" manila rope to a tree limb. The greatest obstacle to setting up a climbing rope is finding a suitable point of attachment.

Pacific Fibre makes custom climbing ropes, Burma bridges, zoo nets, cargo nets, gangway nets, climbing nets, and more. They are a perfect source for building your obstacle course. With Nick Massman and Pacific Fibre CrossFit could build an obstacle course that makes all the others look like playgrounds!

Wolverine Sports advertises a good low priced manila climbing rope with attachments.

Draper offers a variety of climbing ropes.