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Introducing the CrossFit Medical Doctors Level 2 Certificate Course

ByCrossFit February 19, 2023
Found in:Health

The CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course, is a course built around improving the way we communicate with others. From understanding how to teach — distilling down your knowledge to smaller, more cognitively digestible chunks — to practicing how to tell someone they are doing something incorrectly and providing actionable ways for them to improve. The Level 2 sets the framework for becoming a better instructor no matter what skill or information you’re trying to instruct.

Over the weekend of Feb. 4-5, 2023,, the first CrossFit Level 2 for medical doctors (CF-MDL2) took place at The Ranch. In attendance were 24 MDs, many of whom had been part of the inaugural CF-MDL1 — which took place in the same location five years prior. Within this group were three affiliate owners — one who is a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer — and six active coaches. The rest had very little CrossFit coaching experience, but they were extremely active within the CrossFit community. Just as in any Level 2 Course, these doctors were put through the wringer. Their coaching strengths were highlighted, and they were provided plenty of constructive feedback to improve their weaknesses.

This begs the question: Why would a medical doctor want to get their CF-MDL2? These doctors are instructors. Some instruct athletes in the gym to move better and faster, also providing sound nutrition recommendations — which sets the foundation for health. They are also instructors in their medical practices, instructing patients on medical interventions — such as lifestyle changes or medical prescriptions — to improve their health. The ability to communicate effectively is paramount when working with patients. A doctor needs to know how to be comfortable in the chaos. There will be patients walking in from all different backgrounds, with a wide range of physical conditions, with many questions and misconceptions. Doctors must be able to adapt to the personality in front of them and provide a level of instruction that can easily be followed. Well, that is essentially what the Level 2 teaches you to do.

We applaud all who attended this course for getting out of their comfort zones, exposing themselves to critical feedback, and finding ways to utilize these new skills inside and outside of the gym. These MDs are crucial to CrossFit’s goal to improve public health. They are part of a growing network of healthcare professionals working with CrossFit affiliates and coaches to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare. For a list of CrossFit Certificate Courses for healthcare professionals and medical doctors, click here.