CrossFit | Five Strategies for Healthy Habit Changes

Five Strategies for Healthy Habit Changes

ByCrossFit January 7, 2022
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“Trying harder is usually not the answer” when you’re making changes to your nutrition, says CF-L3 Sarah Hopping Estrella.

Instead, try these strategies to set yourself up for nutrition success.
1. Adopt a positive mindset.
2. Recognize the habits that aren’t moving you toward your goal.
3. Set up your environment to support your goal.
4. Identify challenges or barriers to success and plan ahead for those scenarios.
5. Replace undesired behaviors with healthier options that support your nutrition goals.

“When you have goals that are important to you, it’s much more rewarding if you’re sticking to things that are actually consistent with those goals than letting yourself fall victim to momentary pleasures,” Hopping Estrella says.


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