Habits for Health and Performance Inside and Outside the CrossFit Gym

ByCrossFit October 11, 2023

What do experts say are the top five habits that support health and performance? Once you learn about these healthy behaviors, how can you maintain them without becoming overly obsessive and compromising your mental health?

During a CrossFit Health panel at the 2023 CrossFit Games, Nicole Aucoin, Tom McCoy, and Dawn Fletcher joined CrossFit Senior Manager of Health Education Mike Giardina (CF-L4) to discuss how to maintain good habits for health and performance.

“If we don’t find ways to establish good habits and maintain these habits, then education only goes so far,” Giardina says.

Aucoin is a registered dietician and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN, McCoy is a physician and affiliate owner, and Fletcher is a CF-L3 coach and owner of Driven Mind Training.

At CrossFit HSN, Aucoin focuses on nutrition and how to help those looking to change habits with food. McCoy emphasizes the power of the CrossFit community in establishing good habits. Fletcher says mentoring and guidance are important pieces of keeping up with good habits after experiencing setbacks.

Listen as the panel explores how to establish good habits, overcome common barriers and challenges, and more.