Exercise and Nutrition for Cancer Survivorship

ByCrossFit June 4, 2022

Radiation oncologist and cancer researcher Colin Champ, M.D., and Michael Giardina of CrossFit Health sat down at the Metabolic Health Summit to discuss how nutrition and exercise can be used to increase survivorship in cancer patients. First, Dr. Champ elucidates the shortcomings of the current nutrition and exercise recommendations for cancer patients. Then he explains how he uses exercise as a hook to get his patients eating better. According to Dr. Champ, exercise starts to provide benefits right away, and these benefits are long lasting. And after patients start exercising and seeing results, they become more receptive to nutrition recommendations.

Dr. Champ believes cancer patients should be trained using similar methodologies as athletes due to the expedited health decline associated with pharmaceutical treatment. Compound movements can provide a buffer against this physical degradation.

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Lani Faulkner
June 5th, 2022 at 10:39 am
Commented on: Exercise and Nutrition for Cancer Survivorship

It was so interesting to hear Dr. Champ's discussion on exercise and diet for cancer patients. In 2016 at the age of 55, I went through radiation treatment for breast cancer. At that time there was no discussion or offer of exercise other than yoga and diet. I'm an athletic person and have done CrossFit for 4 years by then. As mentioned in this video, my bone density started to drop from the treatment and as an athlete, I was concerned. One thing I didn't do was stop doing CrossFit and running. After my treatment, I was prescribed a drug to help with my bone density which I declined due to the side affects. I kept doing CF and running because I knew it would help along with eating healthy. Today, I am proud to say that I'm 6 years cancer free and I'm still loving my CF workouts and at 61 years of age, trying to get my first Muscle Up. It made me so happy to listen to this. Although, it wasn't a part of my treatment and recovery offered by my oncologists throughout my journey, I knew deep in my heart that functional fitness and diet would be a plus for me to age healthy and strong.

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