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CrossFit Health Webinar with Dr. Anthony Chaffee

ByCrossFit October 20, 2022
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On Thursday, Oct. 27, at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET, CrossFit Health will host a live webinar with Anthony Chaffee, M.D., where he will discuss the carnivore diet with Mike Giardina.

Chaffee — also known as “The Plant-Free M.D.” — is a medical doctor, neurosurgeon, and former professional rugby player who has spent years researching and living as a carnivore. He claims he has seen how the diet benefits his patients and has also experienced those benefits firsthand. He believes chronic diseases are a result of foods we eat or do not eat and says a meat-only diet can be used to optimize health and performance.

You can listen to the “Plant Free MD” podcast here.

Register for the webinar here.

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