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Is CrossFit Dangerous? With Dr. Amy West

ByCrossFit July 10, 2022
Found in:Health

Poorly interpreted — and in some cases, outright fraudulent — data has fostered the widespread misconception that the rate of injury among CrossFit practitioners is higher than more accurate data indicates. Dr. Amy West will review the data assessing injury rates among CrossFit practitioners, both absolutely and relative to other forms of exercise, while also explaining how the belief that CrossFit causes a high rate of injury emerged. By providing a more informed understanding of the risk profile associated with CrossFit, Dr. West will elucidate why, when performed effectively, CrossFit can be used to improve health outcomes and quality of life among athletes.


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Martin Power
July 11th, 2022 at 2:56 pm
Commented on: Is CrossFit Dangerous? With Dr. Amy West

Yeah, dangerously addictive.

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Bruce Jacobs
July 11th, 2022 at 1:52 pm
Commented on: Is CrossFit Dangerous? With Dr. Amy West

I'm fortunate on multiple counts:

  • My CF gym focuses entirely on technique scaled to the individual. For months after I started they told me "let's take some weight off" before finally getting to, "you can add some weight if you want." I'd say they actually discourage the butterfly PU, given the risks.
  • The dozen CF gyms I've dropped into around the country have ALL been the same.
  • My orthopedic surgeon and PT have not been down on CF at all. Their only warning "use proper technique". Hello.
  • I first saw these specialists for a pre-CF shoulder impingement. Within months of starting CF, the coaches dramatically improved it by correcting my deadlift posture. It took a while, but my shoulder is now completely cured.

But it's worth adding: The fun of trying all these new things led me to work on handstand pushups. I learned by herniating a cervical disk that landing too hard on your head after 60+ years of bad posture is a really bad idea. Scary. It took a while, but I'm through that, and have taken HSPU off my bucket list.

Ongoing work on my posture remains top of the list, and most WODS are a really helpful reminder.

And thanks to the CF approach, I work out hard, am amazingly fit for my age, and NEVER get sore.

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Melissa Ondesko
July 11th, 2022 at 12:19 pm
Commented on: Is CrossFit Dangerous? With Dr. Amy West

I have been doing CF for over 10 years, coaching for 7, and in the fitness industry for 23+ years. I think enthusiam/ego in CF can be what leads to the boo boos of CF. I remember getting my first ring muscle up in the 2013 open to the massive cheers from my gym, and also that my left shoulder has never been the same because for the 3 successful reps I got, I had about three times as many failed reps, some of them ugly. People want to do butterfly pullups before they can do a significant volume of strict. They look cool and those who can do them make it look so easy. Nevermind that they are not really necessary if you are not a competitor (told to me when I did the L1 cert many moons ago). You can coach the heck out of someone, recommend that they do or don't do something for their training, but ultimately you hear that they were in open gym working on butterfly pullups and now their shoulder is hurting them. Some coaches are more apt to let people dance on the edge of "they probably shouldn't, but...", and some are the opposite. I was in my mid 30's when I started CF and now approaching 50, I look at wodding a whole other way, both for me and for the members I coach.

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