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The Kettlebell Swing

ByCrossFit October 5, 2019

The kettlebell swing offers a simple introduction to core-to-extremity movement patterns. The hips and legs generate the force of the movement, which is then transferred through the arms and into the kettlebell. The midline must remain stable throughout the movement. These movement concepts and basic positions are shared with many other barbell lifts.

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Glenn Hodges
October 9th, 2019 at 12:01 pm
Commented on: The Kettlebell Swing

Should it be noted that this is the American version of the swing whereas the Russian version only brings the bell up to eye level? I find as I get older my shoulders, hips, and SI joint (all arthritic) do not do well with this extended version of the swing. I’ve transitioned/sub’d the Russian swing and found that my issues are resolved.

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