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Fighting Alcoholism With Athleticism

ByCrossFitMarch 29, 2021

Jenn Green, 39, says long hours and high stress at her former job in mortgage finance led to drinking too much wine at the end of each day.

“I could drink almost a full bottle of wine a day,” Green says. “I would hide it … I would pour a glass and put it in the cabinet … and every time I walked by the cabinet, I would grab some out.”

“It was a routine,” she adds. “I just got in the habit of it and was almost in denial that it was an issue.”

Prior to leaving her job, Green says she had no time to prioritize her health and wellness.

“Making time for me working out was not even possible,” she says. “And that was my mindset: My health and myself weren’t a priority.”

Today, Green owns and runs CrossFit Greer in Greer, South Carolina. She also serves as CrossFit’s Affiliate Field Rep for the Carolinas. Green credits consistent CrossFit training and precise nutrition for helping her get fit and healthy while shift her mindset for the better.

“I am worthy to put myself first,” she says. “I am worthy to put my fitness first … . I am worthy to find reasons to love myself.”