CrossFit | Inside CrossFit South Brooklyn: Fit 55+

Inside CrossFit South Brooklyn: Fit 55+

ByCrossFit June 1, 2021

At CrossFit South Brooklyn, head coach and owner David Osorio has built a successful business by making sure his gym offers something for everyone.

In this video, Osorio and coach Christian Fox explain why adding a Fit 55+ class made sense for CFSBK.

“I think people feel just a little bit safer with their peers,” Osorio says.

The Fit 55+ class, like all CFSBK classes, includes functional movements executed at relatively high intensity, and the coaches emphasize range of motion, stability and balance work, and isometric exercises.

The biggest benefit of getting into the gym after 55 is related to athletes’ confidence, Fox says.

“(Athletes) don’t have to accept … that the decline is just inevitable.”

Originally published – Nov. 2017

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