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CrossFit Podcast: Jesse Burdick

ByCrossFit January 21, 2023

CrossFit Education’s Senior Content Developer Stephane Rochet and Head Coach of PowerWOD Jesse Burdick discuss the evolution of powerlifting and the importance of aerobic fitness in a sport primarily focused on strength. PowerWOD, a digital training system, helps athletes reach their full potential through fitness and strength training, and education. Burdick and Rochet discuss the evolution of the sport of powerlifting, why strength and mobility are essential components of a well-rounded CrossFit athlete, and how youth athletes are reaching elite levels of fitness at such young ages. With 20+ years of coaching experience and an extensive background in powerlifting, Burdick has trained athletes competing in the NFL, MLB, and UFC, as well as Navy Seals, CrossFit Games athletes, and more. With thoughtful programming and a focus on the “minimum effective dose,” Burdick offers a program consisting of strength-and-conditioning components that produce a higher level of fitness and health than has traditionally been the norm in the world of powerlifting. 

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Jeff Ferguson
January 22nd, 2023 at 4:14 am
Commented on: CrossFit Podcast: Jesse Burdick

Great talk Jesse! Old power lifter here from the black iron gym days. The programming has definitely changed and we may even see some hybrid CrossFit strength events start popping up for the Clydesdales among us. I really struggled to transition into CrossFit programming coming from the Louie Simmons style of lifting where we really worked the posterior chain and had to switch to more quad dominant squatting. Overhead movements are difficult due to limited shoulder mobility from all the years of benching. I am really excited to jump into PowerWod and see if it will help me in the transition.

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