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Breathe: The Art of Wellness

ByCrossFit March 9, 2021

Connie Arismendi says the life of an artist is solitary. That changed when she discovered CrossFit.

“Suddenly, I’m with people and I found myself in a community … with coaches and support that were all so amazing,” she says.

But that’s not the only way CrossFit has altered her life.

When Arismendi was prescribed hormones and steroids for fertility trouble, her body chemistry changed, leading to weight gain and asthma, among other things. When she started showing signs of bone loss, her doctor recommended weightlifting.

At 53 and in dire need of help with her health, Arismendi went to CrossFit Central Downtown and signed up right away.

“I was desperate,” she says. “And I knew that I had to do something different.”

Originally published – May 2017.

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Emily Jenkins
March 10th, 2021 at 10:41 am
Commented on: Breathe: The Art of Wellness

Inspiring story Connie! Thank you for sharing. Keep it up!

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Antonio Alves
March 10th, 2021 at 7:54 am
Commented on: Breathe: The Art of Wellness

Wonderful story 👍 Thanks for sharing.

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