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Better Health, Better Life Through CrossFit

ByCrossFit September 6, 2020

Overweight for most of her life, Angie Virden used food to cope with stress as an adult.

Virden reached a turning point when she realized she was unable to keep up with her young son when he wanted to play. She called CrossFit Double Barrel in San Marcos, California, and made a commitment to change her life and improve her health.

“This time, I decided that the path I was gonna take had to be different in order for me to succeed,” Virden says.

It’s been two years since she started CrossFit, and Virden, now 37, is happier and healthier. She’s also setting a positive example for her young son.

“I am truly living the life that I deserve, that I want,” she says. “I’m pretty much fearless about anything, and I know that I can do anything I want in life.”

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