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From the beginning, the CrossFit movement has provided an alternative to the prevailing commercial gym establishment and its signature “big-box,” machine-based, bodybuilding approach to fitness.

We promoted the ethic and aesthetic of the garage gym in large part to provide a home and refuge for our more athletic programming, which couldn’t find quarter in the commercial gyms. CrossFit is not a franchising organization and never will be. Our affiliates constitute a confederation of legitimate fitness practitioners united around constantly varied, intense, functional exercise and pooling reliable resources under the CrossFit name.

Today, with over 15,000 affiliates worldwide, we see ourselves as part of a larger war between the methods, outcomes, and principles of big-box franchisors such as the Gold’s, Bally’s, and 24-Hour Fitnesses versus those of our small-box facilities.

CrossFit affiliation is an Internet-based, grassroots movement started by CrossFitters who wanted their own local CrossFit-equipped gyms, trainers, and communities. It has become a call to all who really care about fitness to get the car out of the garage, pick up some dumbbells, a barbell, a few plates, a pull-up bar, and some rings, and try the Workout of the Day. Inviting a friend to participate compounds the experience. Keep it up and before long you’ll need a bigger space. Write us an essay (application), license a name, set up a website, send us photos, and you become part of the growing community of CrossFit affiliates.

For more specific information on the affiliation process, see How to Affiliate.

We want to fuel a revolution in fitness that advocates the pursuit of function, not form — that measures performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines. We believe that where you train is less important than how you train and that who you train with matters more than what gear you have. We know this can be done in little boxes and we’ve proven that the garage is as good an environment as any for Forging Elite Fitness®.


What is included in being a CrossFit Affiliate?

• Legal use of the CrossFit name, logo, and promotional materials
• Legal use of the CrossFit Kids name
• Promotion from
• Support from CrossFit, LLC on specific and general issues. CrossFit vigorously protects its brand and those licensed to use the CrossFit name.

What is the process for becoming an affiliate?

Visit our How to Affiliate page. Note that you must be a CrossFit Certificate holder (Level 1 minimum) before applying for affiliation.

Do I still have to affiliate if I want to operate as a nonprofit?

Yes. By affiliating you are licensing the CrossFit name and making it legal to use that name; whether you make money from your endeavors or not, you still have to affiliate.

Can there be more than one affiliate in one town, city, state, neighborhood?

Yes. We do not limit the number of affiliates in any given area.

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K-12 School Club

We encourage and welcome high school/elementary school CrossFit Club Affiliates. We waive the affiliation fee and insurance requirement for these special affiliates. To qualify for school affiliation, you must be on a school campus, training students and staff only, and be free of charge.

University Club

We encourage and welcome University CrossFit Club Affiliates. To qualify for a university affiliation, you must be on campus, training students and staff only, and be free of charge. We waive the affiliation fee for university affiliates. The insurance requirement must be met for university affiliates located in the US. Email for more details.

LEO/Fire Station

To qualify for a LEO affiliation, you must train law enforcement or fire station personnel only and be free of charge. If you meet these requirements, we will waive the annual affiliate fee and the insurance requirement. Email for more details.


To qualify for Military affiliation, you must be on a military base and be free of charge. If you meet those requirements, we will waive the annual affiliate fee and the insurance requirement. Email for more details.