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August 31, 2020

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Workout of the Day

Max reps shoulder press, 95/135 lb.
Max reps L pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 75/115 lb.
Max reps strict pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 65/95 lb.
Max reps chest-to-bar pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 45/65 lb.
Max reps pull-up

Rest at least 2 minutes between exercises.

Post total reps completed to comments.
Compare to 140720.

Eating for Performance


Blood vessels are adaptable to stress. If there is hypoxic stress (low oxygen content present) that results in tissue hypoxemia (low oxygen in the tissue), a cascade of local hormonal and anabolic events occurs that produces new capillaries and new arterioles. This process is called angiogenesis and is considered to be an endurance-friendly anatomical adaptation, improving the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to working skeletal muscle.

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