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August 29, 2019

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Workout of the Day

For 20 minutes:

10 deadlifts
10 strict handstand push-ups

Multiply deadlift load by rounds completed and post to comments.
Compare to 031228.

Khan Academy


When insulin was discovered in 1921, recommendations on carbohydrate restriction began to loosen. Carbohydrate restriction remains, however, a direct treatment for the pathophysiology of diabetes. Insulin treatment may be harmful to some diabetics, exacerbating an existing state of hyperinsulinemia; carbohydrate restriction, conversely, reduces glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance simultaneously. This 2018 review summarizes the clinical evidence supporting the use of a ketogenic diet for Type 2 diabetes and provides guidance as to its safe, effective clinical application.

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“Strive to blur distinctions between ‘cardio’ and strength training. Nature has no regard for this distinction.” But how does CrossFit blur this distinction given that strength/power training and cardiovascular training are at different ends of the power spectrum? More simply put, when you do “Grace” or “Fran” or “Angie” or even “Linda,” what kind of training are you doing? Is it power, strength, or cardio? Can they be combined? To what extent do they overlap? Obviously, they in fact do, and this is one of CrossFit’s huge contributions to fitness, but it flies in the face of much of the accepted knowledge in exercise science. How does it work? What are the mechanisms? These are complex questions and the answers depend on many factors.

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