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Has the Australian NHF Sold Its Soul?


Commercial interests have discovered numerous ways to co-opt the loyalty of health professionals to promote company-sponsored studies and marketing messages. Here, Dr. Maryanne Demasi describes just a few of the indications that Australia’s National Heart Foundation (NHF) has sold its soul to industry. She focuses specifically on the NHF’s ties to junk food and pharmaceutical companies, citing responses from various scholars who have expressed deep concern over how the NHF’s receipt of industry funding might threaten public health.

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Rick Smith
September 10th, 2019 at 1:45 am
Commented on: Has the Australian NHF Sold Its Soul?

It is heart breaking to hear these expose for a supposed to be total healthy commitment organization.

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Steven Thunander
August 28th, 2019 at 1:34 am
Commented on: 190828

I know that I posted this on the day of the Filthy Fifty, but I feel that it needs to be prominent (and on a rest day). Here is how to CrossFit in a college gym (if you must)

Seeing that many people will be going back to college soon (or are back already), I figure that this is a good time to post this tidbit. As I know that many college students are financially or transportation challenged, these pieces of advice will help them greatly. Also, most of my first 3 years of CrossFit were done in a college globo gym setting. So, here are some tips for the students. This assumes that your gym does not have a functional fitness space and/or or Oly platforms. If you have them, use them and do step 5.

1. Go off peak. If you have to hog up a bunch of equipment and/or a station, best to do this during off peak hours. These are usually during the morning between 8am and 2pm. College students also don't do early really well, so you can also do before 8am. Weekends are usually OK as well. If you go after 3pm during the week, you will be fighting all the captain upper bodies and squat rack curlers. This is especially true during the beginning of the second semester as everyone wants the spring break body.

2. Set up a station. If you go off peak, this should not be problem. Grab a squat rack, and any equipment, and do the WOD in that particular space. If you have to leave, dont be surprised to see your stuff gone and someone in your space.

3. Be flexible. Sub/scale movements as needed, do components of the workout in a different order if gym flow requires it, and modify as necessary. Go outside if the workout and the weather allows it to change things up.

4. Be courteous to the gym, to other gym members, and staff. Remember that others use the space. Don't drop weights, grunt, take off your shirt, or be obnoxious if it is not allowed.

5. Best bet: Start a CrossFit club on your campus. Get to know your recsports officials and faculty, learn the student government process to get space, funding and equipment, get your L1, and become a college CrossFit affiliate. Then you can participate in the College Crossfit Championship as well.

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Steven Thunander
August 28th, 2019 at 1:43 am

Here are some websites of colleges and universities in the US that have CrossFit clubs or organizations: (WFS) (University of Nevada-Reno Recsports) (University of Delaware Recsports) (Washington State University Recsports)

Collegiate CrossFit Championship:

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Mike Gutto
August 28th, 2019 at 9:40 am

Good tips 🤙🇺🇸

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