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Badge for Coaching Fundamentals Online Course


  • 2 CEU

  • Online


In this online course, you’ll learn the six skills of effective training through 15 practical drills you can put to use immediately to further your development as a trainer.

In this course you will:

  1. Improve your skill at teaching, seeing, correcting, managing a group, demonstrating, and having a strong presence and attitude.
  2. Learn and practice 15 drills to improve your training.
  3. Prepare lesson plans for one-on-one or class sessions.
  4. Individualize your coaching style.
  5. Identify scaling options for specific movements and learn how to scale athletes to achieve the intended stimulus of the workout.

When the course is done, you will understand how the practice of self-reflection leads to effective leadership, and you will be able to identify strategies to assist with building rapport with your athletes.

You will finish with the skills to prepare lesson plans for all types of training scenarios, including specific warm-ups, progressions, and scaling options. Finally, you’ll gain an understanding about how to develop your own individual coaching style that integrates the six criteria of effective training.

The following is recommended but NOT required:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) credential

Price: $70
CEUs: 2