Improving Lifestyle to Combat Physician Burnout

ByCrossFit June 20, 2022
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Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, M.D., Ottawa Hospital Critical Care and Palliative Care Physician, sits down with Mike Giardina at the Metabolic Health Summit to discuss physician burnout. Dr. Kwadwo explains how burnout affects the healthcare provider’s ability to cope, function, and perform daily professional tasks. Though burnout has always been an issue, the pandemic became a catalyst for increased severity and prevalence among the healthcare provider community. Dr. Kwadwo explains how awareness, empowerment, community, and improved lifestyle — exercise, diet, stress management, and sleep — can go a long way in providing ways to cope with and improve burnout. He has developed a virtual platform devoted to providing lifestyle improvement services to the healthcare community and is currently evaluating the program for effectiveness.

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