CrossFit | Health Tip: Can Nature Improve My Health?

Health Tip: Can Nature Improve My Health?

ByCrossFit November 17, 2021
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Can spending time enjoying nature improve my health? Chardae Mara, RN, shares how spending just 15-20 minutes outside three times per week can contribute to a host of physical and psychological benefits, including:

  • An increase in natural killer cells, which support the immune system, prevent cancer, and speed recover.
  • A decrease in heart disease risk, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • A reduction in stress hormones, depression, and anxiety
  • An improvement in some attention deficit disorders.

Longer exposures are important as well. Spending a full day outside can create benefits that last up to 30 days!

Try these tips to start bringing nature into your regular routine:


  • Detach from your devices daily.
  • Find green space, even if it’s not in a remote location, and take time to engage all five senses.
  • Use phone calls or coffee breaks as an opportunity to take a short walk outside.
  • And finally, take off-the-grid vacations when possible to maximize your exposure to nature.


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