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Dr. Tony Hampton: Lifestyle Choices That Support Metabolic Health

ByCrossFitNovember 23, 2022
Found in:Health

Dr. Tony Hampton, a board-certified obesity specialist, sits down with Mike Giardina at the Symposium for Metabolic Health in San Diego, California. Dr. Hampton is passionate about improving the metabolic health of his patients. He believes metabolic health is the key to healing.

According to Dr. Hampton, it is not willpower that is the main barrier to improved lifestyle. The real barriers to metabolic health, he explains, can be understood by using his acronyms NEST and ROPE. These are the keys to metabolic health.

Stress management and improved sleep
Thinking positively/trauma management

Organisms to avoid
Pollutants to avoid
Emotions/life experiences

Dr. Hampton provides many examples of how these eight barriers can be overcome and how doing so will improve metabolic health. This has become a tool he uses to better understand the root cause of sickness in his patients.

He also realizes that he cannot do this alone. Doctors spend a lot of time learning about their own specialization, he explains, and they cannot learn and know everything. Truly helping people requires developing teams with experts in each area of health.

Dr. Hampton believes that partnerships are necessary if we want to heal a lot of people. This is at the root of CrossFit Health — bridging the gap between fitness and healthcare.