CrossFit | "What Is Fitness?" Part 5: Health

"What Is Fitness?" Part 5: Health

ByCrossFit October 4, 2021

In Part 5 of this six-part series on CrossFit’s definition of fitness, Seminar Staff Head Trainer Jenn Hunter-Marshall explains CrossFit’s definition of health.

“Our definition of health equals work capacity across broad time and modal domains throughout life,” Hunter-Marshall says.

In CrossFit, our goal is to increase our fitness as much as we can so as it inevitably tapers somewhat with age, we remain as fit and healthy as possible.

“I want to take what I did today, and I want to continue that across the years of my life, recognizing that as I age, which unfortunately happens, I’m gonna lose a little bit,” Hunter-Marshall explains.

Importantly, Hunter-Marshall also notes she has more fitness now in her 40s than she did at 20, when she was not doing CrossFit.

“And that means it doesn’t matter when you start,” she says, pointing out she has 70-year-olds in her gym who are just getting started and are gaining new skills and extending the quality of their life.

“When I’m 70 … if I can still drive around in my fire-engine-red Maserati, pick up my grandkids, I’m doing all right,” Hunter-Marshall says.


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Alfred Zambrano
October 5th, 2021 at 12:42 am
Commented on: "What Is Fitness?" Part 5: Health

That made all the sense in the world!!! At 51 I’ve dabbled in CrossFit, but made excuses of why I don’t join a box, full time. But, I think that’s going to change now!

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